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How Unpaid Parking Tickets in Atlanta Can Lower Your Credit Score

Some municipalities will ignore unpaid parking tickets, while others will simply just keep sending you notices in the mail and keep tacking on late fees. The city of Atlanta, however, goes through the most extreme measures and hires a collection agency to track down people with delinquent parking tickets.

According to WXIA-TV, most Atlanta parking tickets are punishable with a $25 fine, but that the fee doubles to $50 if it is not paid in two weeks. If a parking ticket is not paid within 75 days, then you're in real trouble because the unpaid ticket will go to a collection agency.

Delinquent parking tickets are handled by PARKatlanta, a private agency that reports to the city of Atlanta. Once PARKatlanta gets involved in your case of the unpaid parking ticket, credit agencies are notified and the unpaid ticket will show up on your credit report. A person's credit score can drop with even just one unpaid ticket.

Hence, an unpaid parking ticket can affect a person's ability to get a home loan and can lead to problems with leasing a car. Some people may say that it's a bit extreme to go after a person's credit over an unpaid parking ticket. However, WSBTV reports that city officials say that unpaid parking tickets in Atlanta are considered to be debt obligations, where delinquent violators are given sufficient time and warning to pay a ticket before it is forwarded to a collection agency.

It's not often that debt collectors deal with parking tickets, but all debtors should learn about their rights when it comes to any type of debt or unpaid bill. More information about debt collection laws can be found through our Related Resource pages.

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